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I accompany you to recover the fluidity of your emotions

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Please do not hesite to contact me if you have any questions or would like to fix an appointment

Do you often feel “negative” emotions, sometimes so intense that you live them like an ordeal: paralyzing, overwhelming or exasperating? It is possible that you are a Highly Sensitive Person as me, or that you are going through a fragile moment: stress, illness, separation, past trauma, family problems, etc.

My goal is to support you during these emotionally intense moments and help you regain serenity and confidence. The therapeutic techniques that I use allow me to guide you to rediscover emotional calm.

Respect and the absence of judgment are the fundamental values of my work.

How can I help?


If you are going through difficult times: an inner storm, and you would like to be accompanied to understand and regain balance and fluidity in your life.

I employ in my session EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Biological Decoding though PNL (Neuro-linguistic programming) and EFT, but also employ stones and minerals (Lithotherapy) and ThetaHealing.


Sorry, not available at this moment in English.


I share different resources with you:  messages, articles, videos that may connect with you.


Only available in French or Spanish for the moment

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EFT flow

Tapping Time 

Et si tu prenais soin de tes émotions  aujourd’hui ?

Si tu pouvais t’offrir 30mn pour apaiser et lâcher les tensions et le stress du moment ?

Je vous propose de découvrir le Tapping Time (ou Temps Tapping).

Un temps en groupe de 30mn en ligne pour maximum 15 personnes.

Un moment où vous profiterez des Bénéfices Partagés d’une séance groupale d’EFT.

Attention! C’est la période des vacances! Contactes-moi si tu es intéressé pour organiser un groupe durant cette période.

Contact me

Do you have any question or would you like to fix and appointment?

I accept that the informations given will be used for the purposes related to my request.

mon e-mail

  +262 0693 77 10 96

  Ravine des Cabris – Île de la Réunion